Entry #2

Art stuffs

2009-07-31 03:17:36 by Katz393

Yay for art stuffs. I wish I hadn't lost over 200 pieces of original pixel art back in 2007! Maybe making more. I love you all. Even you, Jason.

Accompanied by one of 3 surviving pieces, all of which suck<3

Art stuffs


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2009-07-31 03:29:31

now thats a epic battle

(Updated ) Katz393 responds:

More along the lines of Mario getting raped. I made these before I really played the 3D Games where Sonic opened his damn mouth and killed the fun of Sonic the Hedgehog. If I had known that abomination then, I would have made Mario kick some ass.


2009-07-31 04:17:55

Mario cant be beaten hes the one plumber to rule them all, looks like super smash bros brawl stole youre idea. :P